Wednesday, August 3, 2022

August 3, 2022

 Wednesday, August 3, 2022

We had picture-perfect weather this morning with glassy seas and visibility galore. Heading to where the humpbacks have been seen lately, we expected them to be right where we left them. Nope. Today, wildlife kept us humble. We struggled to find large whales throughout the trip. A few pods of harbor porpoises darted around but were shy. Some ocean sunfish were seen soaking up the sun’s energy as they hovered at the surface.


Eventually, after a lot of searching, a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins showed up! With the beautiful conditions, these dolphins were a sight for strained eyes! We could see them underwater right alongside the boat, and even watched them turn on their side to look up at us! Marvelous!!


Our trip home brought us across a different area where we ran into a few minke whales! Two of these gave us close looks, showing us just how different two whales of the same species can look.


This afternoon, a minke whale eluded our cameras as we tried to get some looks at it. Some harbor porpoises surfaced in the area but were also elusive. We heard of a pair of humpback whales on a different area of the ledge.  Upon arrival, we were pleased to find Spoon and her calf! They were far from where we had last seen them, but whales do move around a lot!!


The pair was slowly traveling in a consistent direction, making easy work of keeping pace with them.

We saw more harbor porpoises on our trip back to the harbor.  



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