Sunday, July 31, 2022

July 30-31, 2022

Saturday morning had such a variety of marine life. Sightings started early in the day with Satula the humpback whale.

Conditions were so beautiful, you could see the spout from such a distance!
Satula diving

From there, it was an ocean sunfish, a few harbor seals, and two pods of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. Beautiful looks at all the wildlife.

Ocean sunfish
Atlantic white-sided dolphins (above and below)

The afternoon trip started with a large pod of toothed whales, more Atlantic white-sided dolphins!

Dolphin cruising through the water

We have been so fortunate lately to see these toothed whales. They are always crowd pleasers! We then spent time with four humpback whales.

First, Dross was circling. Then a trio of three, Spoon, her calf, and Jabiru, spent most of the afternoon napping near the surface.

Spoon's enormous flipper

On Sunday morning, we were treated to THREE different pods of Atlantic white-sided dolphins! To see one pod is special, but three? Wow.
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
More dolphins.
And even more dolphins!
In addition, we checked out an ocean sunfish and came across a fin whale; what an incredible look at one of the second largest whales on Earth.
Ocean sunfish
Fin whale surfacing
Fin whale
We even passed close to Boon Island seeing the lighthouse and plenty of seals nearby.
Grey seal near Boon Island
In the afternoon, we spent time with four humpback whales. Jabiru was associated with Spoon and her calf. And we had a newcomer to the area for the season - Patches!
Trio of humpback whales

On our travels back to Rye Harbor, the day wrapped up with a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. What a day and what a weekend.
One last group of dolphins for the day

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