Tuesday, July 5, 2022

July 4-5

The fourth of July included sunny skies, calm winds, and stunning seas, a perfect combination to celebrate our independence day. In the morning, we had a variety of life with close looks at an ocean sunfish, a nursery pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins, and a fin whale. This is only the second time all season we have come across dolphins!

Baby dolphin!
Speckled fin of our ocean sunfish
Fin whale cruising through the water! (above and below)

The afternoon trip took us to a different part of Jeffreys Ledge where we checked out two humpback whales - Clamp and Dross.

Humpback whale
On Tuesday, we were able to get a trip in before the forecasted weather was scheduled to flip upside down. We ventured to where we had luck with whales on Monday, but no luck. Surprising? Nope. Whales have been their unpredictable selves recently, which is what wild animals are capable of doing. This, of course, makes the job of finding where they are today (and the next, and the next...) what we do! We got the chance to spend time with two humpback whales, Clamp and Dross, in different spots than they were yesterday.

Dross was even doing some bubble nets, a feeding mechanism used to catch and eat fish!

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