Sunday, July 3, 2022

July 2-3

The weather caused us to pause on Saturday morning so we only had an afternoon trip. Thanks to our fellow whale-watching friends, we spent time with Clamp's 2016 calf. While the whale mostly meandered through the area, we did witness a few curious approaches by this wild whale. Such a unique individual and a moment never taken for granted.

Slight spy-hop
Humpback whale swimming past us
We enjoyed just gorgeous conditions on Sunday - beautiful. On the morning trip our attempt to check out a fin whale was not fruitful, but we got some great looks at an ocean sunfish, Clamp's 2016 calf and even a minke whale moving through the area.
Ocean sunfish
Such calm seas

On our afternoon trip, more whales moved in. We spent time with a pair of fin whales, Clamp's 2016 calf and guess what? Clamp herself! What a fun surprise to wrap up the day.
Fin whale

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