Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday, June 17

We did a lot of searching this morning around the Jeffreys Ledge area and eventually our efforts paid off as we got some really nice looks at 3 Minke whales. Our first Minke whale sighting was exciting as this is a whale we saw during our 2011 whale watching season as well!
Minke whale
As our sightings continued, the ocean conditions got nicer and nicer and we got some really great looks at our whales.
Minke whale surfacing

Beautiful calm conditions made for perfect conditions to watch whales
Fin-less Minke whale on our travels home this morning spotted inside the Isles of Shoals
This afternoon we saw 2 Minke whales scooting around as well as a Fin whale. Our large Fin whale (Fin whales are the second largest animals on Earth so these whales really ARE huge) was darting here, there and everywhere. Attempting to keep up with one of the second fastest of the baleen whales in a bit of a chaotic pattern took quite a bit of patience. After some time checking out one of our Minke whales while our Fin whale scurried about we were lucky enough to get some very impressive looks.
Afternoon Minke whale
Fin whale spout
It wasn't until we were checking out our photos on the ride home that we realized this Fin whale was quite a familiar whale. It was Ladder, a Fin whale first sighted by our friends Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation in 1996! What a nice surprise to wrap up our day with out on the open ocean.
Ladder's dorsal fin

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