Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday, June 26

Great day with a mother fin whale and her calf! Today we saw a spout in the distance and as we got closer, we found a fin whale. I was excited to recognize this whale as #9709, a known female who is seen around Jeffreys Ledge nearly every year since we first documented her back in 1997. 

As we waited for her to come back up from a dive, we saw anther whale nearby. It took us a bit of investigating but eventually we were able to confirm that this other little whale was her calf!! Congrats to 9709 on her new little one!  This is her second calf that we’ve seen her with- the first was in 2007.   Her calf was a bit precocious, spending a lot of time away from mom, but coming back to nurse now and then.   

At one point, as we waited for the pair to resurface, I spotted a light shadow right next to the boat but about 10 feet below the surface. This was a big basking shark!! Unfortunately, the sighting was brief and the shark never came up to the surface.

 Our ride home brought us a small gang of harbor seals by the Isles of Shoals and we even spotted a minke whale between the islands and Rye Harbor! We just never know when or where we’ll find whales!

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