Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday, June 7

After our trip yesterday of not seeing any whales we were hopeful that today would be better. We were once again surrounded by absolutely pristine conditions and we were ready to find some whales this time around. Before we even got to the Isles of Shoals a Minke whale surfaced. Unfortunately, that was the only time we saw this whale. We decided it was time to head offshore and hope for some better luck. In total we saw 4 Minke whales and got some great looks at most of them.
Minke whale

Nose and head of a Minke whale surfacing for a breath of air
Another Minke whale
While the weekend provided a lot of searching you could not have asked for better weather conditions surrounding us. Who knows what is in store for us this week but just as the whales appeared to be a bit elusive recently they could equally be as noticeable in the future and we look forward to finding out.

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