Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday, June 10

This morning we had our school group from Canaan, NH join us for their annual whale watching experience. It took some time, and a lot of searching, but eventually we saw two Minke whales and got some nice looks this morning. Thanks to all for being patient and enthusiastic about wildlife!
Minke whale nostrils

Morning Minke whale
This afternoon we went searching for our whales of the morning and unfortunately were unable to find either one of them. Who knew we were going to find a Minke whale about a mile from Rye Harbor on our travels home. To make it even more amazing it was a very familiar whale. This Minke whale has no dorsal fin and with a large white scar in place of where its dorsal fin should reside there is no mistaking this whale. We are thrilled to have this whale back this season; a whale we have been seeing around the area since 2012. Granted, just like many sightings of this particular whale, it disappeared almost as soon as it was spotted. And ultimately, as we do on any given trip, we will wait to see what, where and when we find whales next time.

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