Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday, June 29

The large swells we traveled around in this afternoon was the reminder of the storm system that passed through the area yesterday. After a big sloth of weather goes by we are always interested to know what these systems may have done for the whales. Sometimes the large patches of food that were in place prior to the impending weather can become dispersed, sometimes even larger concentrations of food show up and sometimes it is as if nothing changed. While we have no idea what these whales do when the seas are 12+ft high and winds are gusting over 45kts (the whales still have to surface to breathe so regardless, they need to spend some amount of time at the surface) we are always anxious for what we may find, or not find, out on Jeffreys Ledge. Today we were fortunate to find a few familiar whales still in the area. Amongst the 3 Minke whales we saw traveling around we also found two Humpback whales. We first watched Chromosome who was spending a good amount of time under the water.
Chromosome diving into the depths of the ocean
We were then excited to see an old friend; Hornbill! Our last sighting of this whale was June 5th so it was great to find this whale back in the area today.
Hornbill (above and below)

What a nice whale to finish up our afternoon with. We will be back out on the water tomorrow on the lookout for whales and their spouts!
Humpback whale spout

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