Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday, June 18

This morning we began heading back to where we had seen whales yesterday until we got word from one of our fishing friends. They had spotted a whale. We altered course and soon saw that tell-tale sign of a whale spout. It was a Humpback whale on the move.
Whale tail
It did not take long to figure out who it was. This whale has a very unique dorsal fin and the tail pattern made for an easy match. Sedge was back in the area!
Sedge's dorsal fin
It has been 13 days since we last saw this whale on Jeffreys Ledge. We did hear this whale was seen on June 8th on the northern edges of the Ledge (by an offshore fishing vessel) but, other than that, this whale's movements has remained a mystery to us since our last sighting. Who knows where this whale has been; maybe other areas of Jeffreys Ledge that we have not been near or perhaps even far off feeding grounds. Nonetheless, it was certainly great to see this whale back in the area.
Along with Sedge we also watched a Minke whale moving around the outskirts of this area. Our travels then included attempting to get a quick look at a Fin whale we had seen out in the distance but this whale apparently was not interested in being watched. We spotted another Minke whale on our way home and a few harbor porpoise to wrap up our morning trip. This afternoon the wind and seas kicked up as we headed out to where we had seen Sedge this morning. We were unable to find Sedge but we did check out one of the two Minke whales we spotted nearby.
Minke whale on the move
From there it became a never-ending game. We managed to find ourselves with the constant disappearing act of Minke whales. We would find one Minke whale after another (4 to be exact) but each time we stopped to spend some time with one of our sightings they would disappear with no fail. Nature certainly made things a bit challenging but that is what we do. We go searching for wildlife; animals we cannot control. Instead, we get the opportunity to catch quick glimpses of these amazing whales and see what they decide is in store for us on any given day.

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