Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday, June 12

Guess who we found this morning? Our very familiar fin-less Minke whale less than 5 miles from land! Our morning school trip got a chance to check out this unique looking Minke whale and provided a great opportunity to remind us how dangerous the ocean can be to whales; all because of humans. This whale has propeller marks visible on its body, an indication that this whale was hit by a boat at some point during this its life.
Lack-of-dorsal-fin Minke whale swimming from left to right. If you look toward the left part of this whale's body you can see the indentations of a prior boat propeller incident.
We are of course extremely grateful this whale survived this incident and while we do not know how/why this whale lost its dorsal fin we are always happy to see a familiar whale in the area especially when you keep in mind not all whales survive these human-related interactions.  Further offshore we also got to check out our first sighting of an Ocean Sunfish for the year. Definitely a fun fish to see.
Ocean Sunfish swimming towards us

Ocean sunfish
This afternoon we decided to check out some other areas of Jeffreys Ledge where whales are known to spend time. While we did a lot of searching we came up empty-handed for any whale activity. We did however get a chance to swing by Boon Island during our travels and take a look at some Harbor seals on the rocks around this island this afternoon.
Seals hauled out on the rocks at Boon Island (above and below)

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