Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday, June 30

We most certainly enjoyed a beautiful day out on the open ocean today. The lack of wind offshore made the ocean extremely calm allowing for great spotting for all kinds of marine life. This morning we saw 4 Minke whales, 2 Ocean sunfish, a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins and a few lucky folks even saw a Blue shark.
Morning Ocean sunfish not fazed in the least as it swims so close to the boat!
Our whales were definitely on the move but we were able to get some nice looks at our baleen whales and even our pod of three dolphins we found on our travels home.
Minke whale surrounded by the flat-calm ocean

Two of the three dolphins moving around at the surface
This afternoon we were back enjoying the calm ocean and once again were lucky enough to spot 2 Ocean sunfish, 3 Minke whales and Hornbill the Humpback whale.
Afternoon Ocean sunfish

One of our afternoon Minke whales
Each trip certainly provides its own surprises of marine activity as we respect and are in awe of the unpredictability of wildlife.

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