Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wednesday August 7

My oh my weren't we lucky today. Thanks to our fishing boat friends we were able to check out some Atlantic white-sided dolphins during both of our trips today! Our morning started off with some great looks at an Ocean Sunfish spending time at the surface.
First sighting of the day, an Ocean sunfish!
Soon we were off as we headed to some reports of whale activity on Jeffreys Ledge. With the ocean being so calm this morning it was awesome to watch a group of Atlantic white-sided dolphins as they created their own surface disturbances as they chased, and maneuvered themselves around the area.
The flat calm ocean and our morning pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins (above and below)
This group was being so mellow we were able to shut down the boat and listen to these whales as they came to the surface producing constant "poofs" as they exhaled. So incredible to not only see but listen to these wild whales as they go about their day. 

This whale came clear out of the water right next to the boat and somehow managed to get a snapshot of it before it reentered the water!

Leaping through our wake as we left our dolphins
We were also fortunate enough to watch two Minke whales after we left the dolphins. One of these whales was spending a bit more time on the surface giving us the opportunity to check out these types of whales as well this morning.

During our afternoon travels we were once again headed toward a group of Atlantic white-sided dolphins to start off our whale watch. One of the fishing boat on their way back to land came across these whales. We made our way over and were once again privy to spend time with such agile mammals. 

Dolphins dolphins everywhere!
This group was constantly darting around and showing up on all sides of the boat. Another spectacular time spent with these toothed-whales. Further offshore we came across one, two, three Minke whales as well! While watching one of these animals another one suddenly surfaced close by. Then out in the distance another dorsal fin was at the surface. At one point we had all three of these whales close by! Before leaving we even got the chance to have a Minke whale on either side of the boat. We were sandwiched between these whales! No matter where you were whales could be seen off both sides of the boat. What a great day today. And of course we cannot forget to wish two very special ladies a Happy Birthday! Surely not everyone can say they were able to spend your special day with Minke whales and Atlantic white-sided dolphins!
Atlantic white-sided dolphin faces!

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