Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday August 28

There was no getting around it today. There was fog EVERYWHERE. In the harbor, out on the open ocean, and waiting for us as we returned; the fog was out in full-force. And even in all the fog we dealt with throughout the day we still not only saw whales but got some great looks at those animals. We ended up in an area where there were 2 Minke whales (possibly 3 but unfortunately we were not able to photo-document a third one) scooting all around. 
 Minke whale #1 of the day

Minke whale #2 (note the differently shaped dorsal fin of this whale compared to our other Minke whale of the day)
The whales were constantly changing direction that it took us a few minutes for us to even to realize just how many whales we had around. Since our whales were moving around so much (and not far, just in different directions) we were able to get some great looks as the whales swam alongside us, in front of us, and back behind us, allowing for all of us to check out these "piked whales." 
Minke whale swimming right past the boat
Sometimes even with weather conditions making finding whales a bit more tricky, the whales have their own way of providing such a memorable experience as they moved through the water this afternoon,
Minke whale swimming right in towards the boat

Our fish finder as we spent time in the area with our Minke whales. This split screen of the ocean just below us showcases a huge patch of food (condensed patch of color ranging from 100ft-200ft) in the ~200ft of ocean we are floating over. Probably some of the exact same food our Minke whales were going after!

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