Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday August 2

Today we got a chance to get some great looks at a Minke whale charging around this afternoon. We actually had two Minke whales in the area but half way through watching our first whale this animal swapped positions with another whale nearby. Our first Minke whale was surfacing for a couple breaths every 8-10 minutes at a time. This was making the process of actually watching a whale a bit challenging. As we continued to follow this whale and wait patiently for a couple good looks (which eventually occurred) suddenly, just like that, we ended up following a different Minke whale. Two whales crossed paths somewhere underneath the water for soon we were watching another whale that had a different shape to its dorsal fin; a clear indication that another whale was next to us.
Minke whale and our friends aboard the Captain's Lady 3
We of course didn't recognize the difference until later on in the trip when we had a moment to check out our photographs. Sometimes even we get out-witted by these whales! Regardless of which whale we were watching this animal was spending much more time at the surface, and charging around, creating lots of white water at the surface.
One of our Minke whales

Minke whale on the move!
We also got a chance to check out the Eagle, the U.S. Coast Guard training vessel which was headed to Portsmouth this afternoon. 
The Eagle underway
What an impressive ship to see as the 300ft Eagle houses 80 U.S.C.G. crew and 120 cadets!

Did you know the Eagle has 5 miles of rigging and 200 lines that are individually named? Hope you are a fast learner in order to sail this incredible ship!

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