Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday August 10

Minke whales continue to be around and not only on Jeffreys Ledge but miles before we even got there today! We saw 6 of these whales this morning and 7 this afternoon.
First whale of the day; a Minke whale inshore of Jeffreys Ledge
Granted a few of our sightings were less than ideal as a few of these whales wanted nothing to do with us. We saw them out in the distance, eased our way up to the area, only to leave the area empty-handed as we just could not relocate those whales. Then again that is why it is called wildlife. No training, no predictability, just pure and fantastic wild animals in their natural habitat. That's what we do. We look for wildlife in a habitat that is almost purely uninhabitable to us but ideal for such majestic mammals. Truly incredible when you think about it.  Anyway, we were able to get some great looks at many of the whales we did see today.
This Minke whale spent most of the time we spent with it today just circling around the area

One of the many Minke whales this afternoon
A couple of times we were even fortunate enough to get a few glances at these whale's "minke mittens" when a couple of the Minke whales we watched today surfaced close to the boat. Along with all the Minke sightings today we also added to the morning sightings a few quick looks at a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. The even weirder part of this sighting was that we had originally slowed down for an Ocean sunfish, which was spotted just off out starboard side, only to look off our port side and see the dolphins right there! We stayed with the dolphins for a few surfacings before they disappeared as easily as they had appeared next to us and our efforts to check out the sunfish, while attempted, was unsuccessful. It's amazing how sneaky wildlife can be...appearing and disappearing with such ease. Fun and constantly unexpected all at the same time!

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