Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday August 30

What a beautiful day today. The sun was shining, the winds from yesterday (which had kept us on land) had completely subsided, and the lack of humidity made for some perfect conditions to spend time out on the boat. We ended up seeing 6 Minke whales during our trip today including four in one area! 
Our first whale of the day swims right alongside the boat!
Many of the whales we spent time with today were maneuvering around such a concentrated area we didn't even know how many whales were around us! 

One of the many great looks at the Minke whales seen today
The whales would pop up and surface so close to us that we ended up starting with two Minke whales which later became three, and ultimately four (thanks to photographing these whales dorsal fins; each being uniquely shaped) as we spent time out in the Gulf of Maine today. Take a look at the following pictures to see how each Minke whale can have such differently shaped dorsal fins:

We were fortunate enough to get some incredible looks at so many of our whales while they swam just past the boat on multiple occasions. 
Another Minke whale swimming so close to us (the boat was shut down as we always give the whales the right of way when we are out on the water!)
A few times we could even track a couple of the whales' movements as they swam just below the surface allowing for us to keep an eye on their "Minke mittens" a few feet below the waterline.
A Minke whale surfacing with its snout breaking the surface first and a great look at its mittens (the light patch seen in the center of the photo; a white band found on the flipper of all Minke whales)

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