Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday June 1

Happy June everyone! The weather certainly felt like summer but as always (almost!) the ocean does a great job providing much cooler temperatures (typically 10-15 degrees cooler!) so it was a nice way to break away from the hot land temperatures. We were fortunate enough to spend time with 3 Humpback whales today. Mogul, Boomerang and Pinball were circling, traveling, and even pooping for all of our passengers today. 


Nothing like starting out a whale watch with some brown whale defecation from Mogul! Whale poop is a great indication of recent feeding and depending on the color researchers can even determine what the recent food of choice was! A brown cloud means Mogul was recently chowing down on schooling fish. Had the cloud been red, Mogul would have been digesting large amounts of krill.  Regardless of the color, coming across an unexpected sighting of remnants of undigested food is always a fun sighting for people of all ages on the boat. 

We will see what the weather holds for us tomorrow but it was great to know some of the whales we've been seeing already this year are still around!

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