Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday June 22

This morning we decided to once again chance our luck and head to different areas of Jeffreys Ledge to check out if other whales were swimming around. On our trip out to the ledge we ended up seeing a total of 6 Minke whales. Half of these whales were swimming around on their own but we did have an area where we had 3 close by. They kept surfacing in all directions around the boat so no matter where you were a Minke whale could be seen! It's fun when you have the whales circling around you while you just sit there and watch.
One of the multiple Minke whales seen today!
Once we got to Jeffreys we searched and searched and searched some more. We were running out of time for any more exploration in the offshore waters and decided to start heading in the direction where Satula had been yesterday. Except we never got to Satula. Instead we found and watched another very familiar whale, Pinball! It has been almost a week since the last time we saw her and were very excited to see her circling around.
Pinball (above and below)

This afternoon we also got the chance to spend more time with Pinball. She was on the move for a while but then did a complete 180 and started swimming back towards from where she came from! Soon she started to circle about, created a few bubble clouds and got some great looks at her.  On the way home we had an extra surprise as we briefly saw a Basking shark. Though this shark (the second largest species of shark in the world!) wasn't at the surface for long everyone jumped to their feet to get a quick look at a shark's fin even for just a moment.

Welcome back to the area Pinball!

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