Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday June 23

It was a very nice day on the water for we got the chance to see multiple species of whales today. We first spent some time with a Fin whale once we got to Jeffreys Ledge. This whale was on the move but only staying under the water for a few minutes at a time giving us the opportunity to get some nice looks at such a large animal. 
Fin whales are such massive animals!
Did you know Fin whales are the second largest animals in the world? Yep, they are. We were even fortunate enough to learn this whale is a familiar whale to us. It was #9709! This whale has been seen on Jeffreys Ledge in the past and to see her back in the area for another feeding season it like seeing an old friend return home. What a nice surprise.
Fin whale #9709

We then headed to where Satula had been reported to be. This whale was once again circling around and left a poop cloud at the surface almost eveyr time it went for a dive. Certainly seems like Satula is having a grand ol' time staying put and eating for this whale hasn't really moved from its location for days now! As long as the food is there looks like Satula sees no reason to leave for this whale continues to enjoy its whale-food buffet!


As we headed for home after spending some time with Satula we came across two Minke whales charging around. And boy were they charging! These whales were seen in the first place because one of the Minke whales basically porpoised out of the water! These two whales were maybe chasing food or perhaps charging around each other. Unfortunately we only see such a small snippet into the lives of whales for we only see what their behaviors are above the surface as we completely are left in the dark as to what any whale is doing under the water. Regardless, these two whales were great animals to spend some time with as they created so much white water each time they surfaced.

Nice looks at multiple species of whales certainly made for another nice day out on Jeffreys Ledge.

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