Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend (Kind of...) May 27 and 28

The weekend almost came and went before we were finally able to go whale watching. Mother Nature certainly did her best trying to blow out the weekend weather but alas the wind calmed down and off we were to Jeffreys Ledge for a Memorial Day whale watch (a trip that was not part of the original plan).  The ocean and the whales did not disappoint and thanks to our "never-give-up" attitude of our passengers we were determined to go see whales before the holiday was over. And see whales we did.

Minke whales and Humpback whales were the whales to watch. Minke whales were scattered about during our travels and the Humpback whales were scooting around as well. Popping up here one moment and there another it was a bit tricky to attempt to predict where the whales were going to surface next but that is not shocking when you know you are dealing with wild animals. Humpback whales Boomerang, Hornbill and Pinball gave us some very nice looks throughout the trip.

Today we were back out on the water and with almost no wind the conditions on Jeffreys Ledge were ideal for whale searching. More Minke whales were around and we even saw some of the same whales from yesterday. Both Hornbill and Boomerang were still around. 
Hornbill above and below
We even got a chance to see another Humpback whale, Mogul, circling around the area. Some of our whales were creating bubble clouds, meaning there was a very good chance feeding was occurring below the surface, and the whales were corralling some afternoon snacks. 
Before returning back to the harbor with our school trip we got a chance to see one more species. A small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins was swimming by. What a special treat to end our trip on.
A dolphin swims by the boat

We are busy doing some school programs near shore for the rest of the week but we will be ready to whale watch once again this coming weekend. Hope to see you there!

Keep your eye out for all kinds of fun finds. We found this sea anemone in Rye Harbor at low tide this morning!

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