Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday June 14

Happy Flag Day everyone! It looks like the weather is finally going to cooperate for us (at least for a couple days!) as today's weather set the stage for hopefully more of the same to come this weekend. Granted we had a bit of a swell but the combination of almost no wind and great visibility for miles and miles was once again providing ideal conditions for whale spotting. And spot whales we did. We ended up seeing 13 Minke whales, Pinball the Humpback whale, and a very quick look at an elusive Fin whale during today's trip.

We started the day off with Minke whales circling around. At one point we had 4 of these animals in one general area! 
One of the many Minke whales spotted today

Another Minke!
Did you know you can tell individual Minke whales apart from each other? Just like some of the other whale species in the Gulf of Maine you can help to individually identify Minke whales from one another based on the shape of their dorsal fins! 
Upon closer inspection of our Minke whale photographs you can see the shape of a Minke whale's dorsal fin is very unique. Small nicks and the overall shape can help distinguish one Minke whale from another. Check out the close-up view of two different Minke whales in the photos (above and below). Can you see the a difference?

This Minke whale has multiple nicks on its dorsal fin
After some nice looks at a handful of these whales we continued on towards Jeffreys Ledge. With a few more Minke whale sightings on our way out we had come across a different species. It was a Humpback whale. It was Pinball and she was all over the place. Darting here. Darting there and then back again. 
Pinball on the move
She was circling around, making a few bubble clouds and even pooped for us twice! Yep, we like to point out whale defecation to our passengers for it is something no one really expects to witness while watching whales! 
Can you pick out brown color seen at the base of Pinball's tail in the water? That's whale poop!
Before heading home we also attempted to get a look at one more kind of whale. There was a Fin whale out in the distance. Unfortunately after a few breaths at the surface this whale dove and disappeared. We searched and searched the horizon but had no luck relocating it. Then again since all whales are wild animals they always have the upper hand as they know exactly where they are going and how fast they are going to get there. All we can do is see what they do!

It was a very nice day out on the water and we look forward to this weekend as always we can only hope the weather and the whales continue!

A "rainbow blow" from Pinball

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