Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday June 21

During both our trips today we got a chance to see 2 Minke whales and Satula the Humpback whale. This morning Satula was being quite sporadic in its surfacings. This whale would come up in one place and then show up in a completely different direction the next time. 
Even though this whale was being a bit unpredictable we were even more surprised when this whale suddenly tail breached! What a cool sight to see the back half of a whale's body suddenly be launched into the air and smack back down on the ocean! It occurred so quickly and unexpectedly that a photo couldn't even be captured to show everyone. Instead it was an awesome sight to see with the naked eye and a surprise to us all.

This afternoon Satula was working some food in the area for not only was this whale constantly leaving brown clouds at the surface (more whale poop!) but was once again creating plenty of bubble clouds around the area. 
One of the many bubble clouds seen this afternoon as Satula takes a breath of air in the distance
A few time this whale even surfaced as it was filtering out lots of salt water through all those baleen plates in its mouth! Happy Solstice everyone!


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