Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday June 12

Remember how our last trip was surprising? Turns out today was even more mind-boggling. We whale watched at the mouth of the Piscataqua River today! Multiple Minke whales and a Fin whale was spending time so close to land! 
Minke whale just offshore Rye, NH
Normally we have to travel at least 10-15 miles before we even have a chance of spotting whales but today helped to remind us that whales can be, and are, very unpredictable! 
Fin whale swimming around at the mouth of the river!

This whale was spending so much time in water depths of 65ft that this whale was swimming in spots where it's body was probably as long as the ocean was deep!

Our whales were so close to land we even saw a few Loons swimming along just off of New Hampshire 
We even checked out life on Boon Island (7 miles off Cape Neddick, ME) including plenty of seals basking in the sun (in between the random rain clouds all day!) and swimming in the water. A Puffin was also spotted just south of Boon Island! 
Seals watching us watching them on Boon Island

A very out-of-focus but still identifiable photo of a Puffin!
Still a bit stunned as to what the day of whale watching had in store for us today. Tomorrow, who knows!

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