Sunday, August 9, 2020

August 6-7, 2020

Our crew is passionate about whales and that really shows in our trips. We don’t just show you whales, but we also pride ourselves in telling you the history of the whales we are seeing.  This week we identified a humpback whale based simply on the way it lifted its flukes. Another humpback was ID’ed from a mile away just based on the shape of its flukes and one simply on the shape of its dorsal fin. Granite State Whale Watch crew are true experts with decades of experience in the local waters.

Interns take a break for some muffins!
Thursday, Aug 6, we found a pod of about 50 Atlantic white sided dolphins. 
Atlantic white sided dolphin
Several minke whales were cruising through the area as well.  One minke whale decided to check us out!
Minke whale coming by!
Then we found 2 humpback whales, Valley and her calf, who were new visitors to the area this year.
Valley and calf

Valley's calf charging by

Valley's calf
Thursday afternoon, we passed by some minke whales before encountering a pair of adult humpback whales, Spoon and Jabiru.  These two were mostly sleeping while we idled next to them.
Sleepy humpbacks
A little further away, we found 2 more humpbacks: Valley and her 2020 calf again!

We passed a seal and then a pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins.

Friday morning, we passed by a few minke whales and seals before finding 2 humpback whales, Spoon and Jabiru sleeping again!

Not far away, humpbacks Valley and her calf were also spotted along with a small group of Atlantic white sided dolphins!
Humpback whales and dolphins

At the end of the trip, we said goodbye to our intern, Mikaela, who is the first of our summer interns to head back to school. Goodbye and good luck!!
Mikaela collecting data

Friday afternoon, we found an ocean sunfish within meters of the harbor!! Passing by another ocean sunfish, a couple of minke whales and seals, we finally encountered some humpback whales.  Quote, first seen in the 1980’s was seen from about a mile away.  Her unique tail shape and marking make for an easy ID.

Valley and her calf were also seen not far away. And before we knew it, Quote joined up with Valley and her calf.
Valley and calf

Valley's heart shaped blow
Minke whales, harbor porpoises and seals were also seen on our trek back to the harbor!

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