Wednesday, August 26, 2020

August 24-26, 2020

There wasn't much of any wind Monday morning making for calms seas, and at times, no reprieve from the sticky summer temperatures. As we headed offshore our first stop was on a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. It has been such a bonus seeing numerous pods of dolphins recently.

Atlantic white-sided dolphin

We also checked out an ocean sunfish before spending time with two different pairs of humpback whales. All of these whales were mainly resting and included Spoon and Chablis in one group and Pitcher and Crisscross in the other.

Resting humpback whales
Morning humpback whale

Spoon's flipper

Monday afternoon the breeze arrived to cool us down. An ocean sunfish was nearby as we traveled offshore.

Ocean sunfish

From there a large disturbance in the distance led us to the humpback whale, Joy. Later, as we attempted to leave the area to go exploring, we were brought back in as two more humpback whales were merging in towards Joy. Ravine and Jabiru graced us with their presence and soon became associated with each other.

Ravine and Jabiru

Tuesday consisted of similar weather conditions to Monday, a bit toasty with no wind in the morning followed by a bit of an afternoon cool-down. Tuesday morning we began whale watching with a pod of ~75 Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

Atlantic white-sided dolphins

These whales were on the move and we watched them move through the water with such ease. We then saw a total of five humpback whales and even a blue shark.

Blue shark

Nile, Spoon, Valley and her 2020 calf and Jabiru were sighted throughout the trip. Great sights and great seas.

Humpback whale

Valley's calf

Tuesday afternoon we sighted five humpback whales coming across Ravine, Jabiru, Spoon, Nile and Dashdot. A few of these whales started feeding allowing for some incredible looks at multiple bubble clouds and plenty of lunges.

Lots of surface commotion
Time to eat!
Feeding humpback whales
Whales going in different directions

We even spotted a pod of ~15 Atlantic white-sided dolphins on our way in.

A few small calves were in our pod of dolphins
The strong wind is keeping us on land today. Be back out there tomorrow to see what is waiting for us!

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