Sunday, August 2, 2020

August 1-2, 2020

Happy August! Wow, it's crazy to realize it is already August. The days continue on and the whales continue to provide us with incredible moments into the world of wildlife. On Saturday morning's trip we saw three minke whales, a fin whale and three ocean sunfish.
Fin whale (above and below)

First ocean sunfish of the trip
Ocean sunfish #2 for the morning
During the afternoon trip we watched Clamp's 2016 calf being active. A few breaches and some flipper slapping all the while a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins moseyed nearby.
Active humpback whale!
Hello flipper!
Humpback whale and dolphin
Atlantic white-sided dolphins
On our travels home we also found an ocean sunfish to round out a beautiful day in the Gulf of Maine.
Afternoon ocean sunfish
Thanks to all our fishing friends on Tuesday we had reports of whale activity on both our trips. On our morning trip we saw three humpback whales. We started with Pinball who is always a crowd and crew favorite!
We then spent time with a pair of humpback whales. Spoon and Jabiru were mostly resting at and near the surface.
Spoon's large flipper
Spoon and Jabiru
During the afternoon trip we spent time with Clamp's 2016 calf. This humpback whale was all sorts of wiggly at the surface as it was tail breaching, creating bubble clouds and even lunge feeding a few times.
Clamp's 2016 calf diving

Tail breach
Major lunge feeding bout!

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