Friday, August 14, 2020

August 12-13, 2020

Moments, moments, moments. Every trip spent with wildlife produces its own moments and our trips continue to be no exception. On Wednesday morning we saw five ocean sunfish, two minke whales, four humpback whales and even a blue shark. So much marine life to look at.
One of the first of many ocean sunfish
Blue shark
Our first humpback whale of the trip was Ravine, a whale we haven't seen in the area in over a month! Valley and her wiggly calf were sighted and we even saw Quote as we departed the area.
Valley's calf upside down
Can you find the ocean sunfish swimming near this humpback whale?
On the afternoon trip a total of three minke whales and three humpback whales were seen. We spent time with Ravine followed by Valley and her calf.
Valley and her calf (above and below)

Our last 'sighting' of the day was a dolphin. But this wasn't just any dolphin. It was an inflatable toy! This isn't the kind of dolphin we want to see out on the open ocean. No worries, we scooped this 'species' out of the water but a great learning moment to remind everyone where our trash can go when it gets swept away by the water or the wind.

Not exactly the kind of dolphin we want to come across miles offshore!

Perhaps karma was on our side for picking up the 'dolphin' on Wednesday for on both of Thursday's trips we found dolphins! Thursday morning we had two pods of Atlantic white sided dolphins. The first pod was a nursery pod full of tiny calves. The second pod was slightly smaller in size but much more full of energy!

Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Dolphin zipping through the water

We also spent time with Ravine the humpback whale and an ocean sunfish.

Ravine the humpback whale
Humpback whale spout
Ocean sunfish

On the afternoon trip we were delighted to find another leatherback sea turtle!! Such a rare sighting and yet another one to add to our growing list this season. Then again, we have been fortunate the ocean has been so calm recently, perhaps aiding to finding these elusive sightings!

Leatherback turtle (above and below)


Further offshore we spent time with Jabiru the humpback whale and saw at least eight different minkes whales!

It couldn't be any calmer!
Minke whale

Nothing like rounding out an already incredible day with possibly the same nursery pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins we spent time with on our morning trip!

Afternoon dolphins (above and below)

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