Thursday, July 5, 2018

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hoping everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day! Normally, hopping on a boat in the sweltering summer is a great way to beat the heat on land, but with whales being so close to the mainland recently and not a breath of wind, even on the water we were toasty! Conditions however, made for watching whales stunning.
The ocean couldn't be any calmer to watch whales!
On our morning trip we saw a total of 5 minke whales, Rhino the humpback whale and 2 fin whales.
Minke whale
Rhino the humpback whale (above and below)

One of the fin whales in the area was #0402, a whale first documented by Blue Ocean researchers in 2004.
This afternoon we ended up seeing 2 minke whales, Rhino the humpback whale and a pair of fin whales.
Humpback whale
Fin whale spout
Pair of fin whales
Our fin whales were different individuals than the ones we had sighted during our morning trip. One of the fin whales, and even Rhino, lunged through the water at some point trying to capture a nice afternoon snack!
Fin whale lunging through the water
Happy 4th!

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