Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

We left the dock and came home to the dock in the fog during our morning trip. As is the case with fog sometimes it dissipates to help spot, stay, and watch whales. And even when the fog socked back in whales seemed to pass by us! This morning we saw three minke whales during our travels. We also checked out a pair of fin whales.
Pair of fin whales at the surface

Fin whales are so huge!
Because these whales dorsal fins are so uniquely-shaped we were able to identify both fin whales: #0354 and #0932!
Fin whale #0354 uniquely shaped dorsal fin
After some great gazing at these mammoth mammals we saw five humpback whales. First, Hornbill was busy creating a few bubble clouds in the area.
The fog started to creep back in and before we headed for home we checked out Spoon and her 2018 calf.
Spoon in the fog
The next time the whales surfaced it wasn't Spoon or her calf at all. Nine and Milkyway the humpback whales were swimming by.
Milkyway diving in even thicker fog
You never know what is going to pop up regardless of the visibility! This afternoon the fog was pushed away by the persistent wind and we found Jabiru and her 2018 calf in the area. These two were slowly traveling along.
Jabiru and her 2018 calf
Calf swimming through the waves
The calf got a bit wiggly and breached and flipper-slapped a few times. We even watched a Lion's Mane jellyfish mosey past the boat.
Jabiru's calf flipper-slapping
Just goes to show we never really know what we are going to find when we are surrounded by Mother Nature and all the wildlife that exists!
Lion's Mane jellyfish

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