Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday, July 2, 2018

Calm seas continued again today making spotting, and watching, whales that much more enjoyable! This morning we started with a fin whale only a few miles from home. With a little patience we got some great looks at one of the second largest animals on Earth!
Fin whale surfacing
Large fin whale body
The rest of the trip produced 3 minke whale sightings and 4 humpback whales. Wigwam the humpback whale was busy creating plenty of bubble clouds while her 2018 calf was wiggling around at the surface; rolling and such.
Bubble cloud
Wigwam and calf (above and below)

Wigwam's calf swimming in towards us
We also spent time with Pinball while another humpback whale passed through the area.
Two humpback whales passing by one another
This afternoon we again started the trip with a fin whale and were even able to identify this whale. Fin whale #0402 has returned to our small spot in the Gulf of Maine (at least for the moment) for another feeding season!
Fin whale #0402
We also saw a few harbor seals throughout our travels and spent time with 2 humpback whales.
What a sleeping seal looks like
Humpback whale Gondolier was creating bubble clouds one after another this afternoon. We also checked out another humpback whale but unfortunately this whale never fluked so no solid ID yet.

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