Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday, July 15, 2018

This morning we remained well inshore of Jeffreys Ledge. We had 8 minke whales throughout our travels. Additionally, we spent time with four humpback whales. We started with Clamp before spending time with napping whales Nine and Milkyway. We ended our trip with Hornbill.
Clamp (above and below)

Nine randomly tail-breached in between its napping sessions
This afternoon we decided to venture to other areas, avoid the congestion of multiple whale watching vessels in the area, and see if other individual whales were around. Thanks to our fishing friends we spent time with Sedge the humpback whale. This whale was busy circling around never moving far from us. What fantastic looks!
Sedge (above and below)

We also had a total of 5 minke whales during this trip. The bird life was out and about as well this afternoon. We saw so many Wilson's storm petrels, more than we have seen in a long time this season. They were fluttering here, there and everywhere.
Wilson's storm petrel
Great shearwater and a Wilson's storm petrel
More petrels!
The day wrapped up as we headed for home. A napping fin whale was occasionally surfacing which we checked out for a quick bit.
Sleek body of a fin whale

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