Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The whales have continued to surprise us. Today, these massive mammals continued to remain so close to land! Remember, this is the whale's feeding season so whales move into areas wherever fish are in large abundance. They come and go throughout all different areas of the Jeffreys Ledge region throughout the season, but recently the inshore areas continue to be the place to be! This morning we saw a total of 3 minke whales, 2 humpback whales and a brief look at a fin whale on our travels home.
Minke whale
Thanks to our phenomenal crew member this morning we spotted our familiar fin-less minke whale nicknamed "Finke."
"Finke" the minke whale
We also spent time with Gondolier the humpback whale.
Humpback whale tail
Just before returning to the harbor this morning we found a small juvenile humpback whale slowly on the move. We spent a bit of time with this whale on the last bit of our morning trip and our first stop on our afternoon trip!
Juvenile humpback whale (above and below)

Also this afternoon, we saw 3 minke whales and 3 fin whales. Thanks to our fellow friends on the water we found a pair of fin whales and a single fin whale moving through the area. One of the fin whales in our pair was a whale we haven't seen since May 19; Comet has returned!
Comet the fin whale
Fin whale swimming in close association with Comet today
What a fantastic surprise and a great way to wrap up another day in the Gulf of Maine as we dodged some rain on our way home!
Afternoon minke whale

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