Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thursdsay, September 28

With a school group from Vermont on board today, we ventured out in search of whales. After a 3.5 hour bus ride, we were really hoping to be able to show these green mountain natives some of what we have here in the great blue sea. Thankfully, the whales cooperated and we were successful! Thirteen humpback whales were spotted including Sword, Patches, Owl and her calf, Echo, Shuffleboard and Othello!  One of the  humpback whales was breaching at a distance, but of course stopped once we got close...Murphy's Law... We also saw a group of harbor porpoises on our way out, as well as a grey seal!  Our students also got a little history lesson as we passed in between the Isles of Shoals on our way home.

Patches (the whale on our brochure cover!)

Owl and her calf

Humpback diving

Echo- see the orca teeth marks on the lower left side??

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