Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday, September 15

Today was filled with plenty to look at but there is no denying the fact that it took some time to see it all. The main reason...FOG! Weather is one aspect we cannot control so we adapt as best as possible completely dependent on the conditions we are dealt. Fog comes and goes so effortlessly that it is just as unpredictable as the whales we go in search of! Our trip started early with 3 minke whales. We got some great looks at a couple of them before they all seemingly disappeared.
Minke whale
After that we saw fog, and fog and even more fog. Eventually, after some travels, reports of whales from our fishing friends, some great listening skills on board, and finally a little bit of visibility to work with, there was plenty to look at. In addition to the minke whales we saw there were also 13 ocean sunfish, a humpback whale, 5 fin whales and a pod of 30 Atlantic white-sided dolphins!
The first of many ocean sunfish sighted today
We thank all of our passengers who helped to listen for whale spouts as our patience ultimately paid off! It took a while to hone in on our humpback whale but once we got a visual on it, instead of just hearing it beyond the blanket of fog, we got some great looks at this new visitor to the region this season: Limpet.
Humpback whale in the fog
While watching Limpet we saw a pair of fin whales and then a trio of fin whales. On top of that one of the fin whales fluked, a behavior rarely seen for this type of whale!
Fin whale body
This fin whale fluked displaying the fact that it only has half a tail!
On our travels home we even passed through a pod of dolphins to round out so much life after plenty of searching today.

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