Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday, September 8

Today we ultimately found 4 fin whales, a humpback whale and 2 ocean sunfish, one of which breached multiple times! The wind and waves kept us on land on Wednesday so we were excited to stretch our sea legs on the water today. Our first whale of the day was a fin whale on the move. After a few attempts to get a glimpse of this whale we pressed further offshore.
Fin whale
The rest of our fin whale sightings occurred on the outskirts of the areas we were in. We got a chance to spend time with a humpback whale, doing short dives, and circling around the general area.
Humpback whale
While watching this whale we witnessed an ocean sunfish suddenly jump out of the water. While I wasn't able to capture the moment, it was an impressive one to watch! But, no need to be frightened. The whale wasn't chasing after this fish. Ocean sunfish are much TOO big for a humpback whale. Instead, whales feed on small schooling fish. A whale couldn't even swallow an ocean sunfish. It's throat is too small.
Ocean sunfish swimming through the ocean
Nevertheless, it was entertaining to watch such a large fish jump completely out of the water before we turned our attention back to the mammals of the sea.
Humpback whale tail

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