Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday, September 9

The ocean was full of life today. There was so much to look at. We saw a total of 6 fin whales, 3 ocean sunfish, a pod of 25 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, a basking shark and something we have yet to see this season... a sea turtle!
Fin whale
Our fin whales were scattered around and we even watched a couple become associated with each other for a brief moment.
Pair of fin whales surfacing in synchrony
The ocean sunfish showed up sporadically throughout our travels and we were lucky enough to check out a small group of dolphins for a bit too.
Ocean sunfish dorsal fin
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
The icing on the cake was the leatherback sea turtle, the largest sea turtle there is, spotted just before we headed for home.
Leatherback sea turtle!!!!
What an extremely exciting find especially considering this turtle sighting marks for the first turtle for one of our crew members! Such a very special day :)

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