Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday, September 16

Today started just as it had yesterday with plenty of fog. Except today the fog was even thicker!
The fog was so thick you could BARELY see White Island Lighthouse as we passed through the Isles of Shoals this morning
We headed offshore to where we had luck with whales yesterday and even though the fog lingered longer than we had hoped we saw life throughout our trip! In total, we saw 9 ocean sunfish, 2 minke whales, blue fin tuna chasing down bait fish and 3 fin whales.
Ocean sunfish just beyond the Shoals
Minke whale
Fin whale!
The ocean was so calm that any disturbance triggered our eyes and we were ready to react to what was causing it.
Another one of the many ocean sunfish sighted today
Second minke whale of the day
We again thank our passengers who were eagerly keeping an eye out for activity and for our offshore charter fishing friends who were keeping an eye around them when capable! During our travels home we were privy to some gorgeous looks at 3 fin whales, including a pair, in such beautiful seas.
Fin whale pair in the calmest of ocean conditions (above and below)

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