Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday, August 27

How is it already the last week of August? Time certainly flies by when it comes to searching for marine life offshore. This morning we saw 4 humpback whales and a minke whale. This afternoon we saw 3 minke whales, 1 fin whale and 3 humpback whales. To round it all out we also saw multiple pods of harbor porpoise during both of our trips. This morning we started with humpback whales Springboard and her 2017 calf. The calf rolled around a bit as they both were on the move through the area.
Springboard and her calf
Springboard's calf raising its flipper above the surface
We moved on and found another pair of humpback whales. Geometry was seen with a new visitor to the area this year, a VERY familiar whale, Patches! So exciting to see the whale that is on the front of our brochure spending time in our area.
Patches and Geometry
This afternoon we attempted to check out multiple minke whales before finding Comet the fin whale. We last saw this whale 11 days ago and nowhere near the location it was in today. Wildlife, always on the move.
Comet the fin whale
We then found Patches still moving around.
The day ended with surprise spouts from whales on our way home. It was another pair of humpback whales: Spoon and Jabiru!
Whale tail
Spoon and Jabiru

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