Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday, August 28

We had a variety of life to check out today. The trip started in an area where we had three different minke whales but we didn't stay long for there was a large amount of whitewater being seen in the distance. Hornbill the humpback whale was tail breaching and lob-tailing multiple times at the surface.
Hornbill lob-tailing (above and below)

In total we saw 7 humpback whales! Hornbill became associated with Pinball the humpback whale; both Blue Ocean Society adoptable whales!
Hornbill's large flipper
One of the other whales we spent time with today was Patches the humpback whale as another humpback whale passed by us out in the distance.
As we spent time with Patches we even got a quick look at an ocean sunfish.
Ocean sunfish
The next sighting we had was a trio of humpback whales: Spoon, Jabiru and Gunslinger.
Jabiru and Spoon
Spoon and Gunslinger
We ended the day with a pod of 50 Atlantic white-sided dolphins. So much to check out in the inshore waters of Jeffreys Ledge today!
Atlantic white-sided dolphins (above and below)

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