Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday, August 25

This morning we passed by a few pods of harbor porpoises on our way offshore.  Then we spotted a couple of blows. The whale closest to us was a fin whale doing some sub-surface traveling, meaning it was coming up for a single breath every few minutes. At one point we could see it just below the surface, passing behind the boat before it eventually came up for a breath! Next, we found a pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins- maybe about 40 of them- in glassy calm water!  Several minke whales were spotted but we only managed to get decent looks at two of them. We found a second pod of dolphins and another minke whale before heading home.

This afternoon, we also found a couple pods of dolphins along with a minke whale and finally a huge fin whale! This fin whale was only staying down for 6 minutes and at one point came up right next to the boat!  Pelagic birds were also in abundance on both trips including hundreds of northern gannets, a few great shearwaters, Wilson’s storm petrels and even a flock of 10 red-necked phalaropes!

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