Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday, August 14

Both of our trips today consisted of multiple minke whales, a fin whale and a trio of humpback whales surrounded by beautiful ocean conditions. This morning we saw 4 minke whales, a fin whale, 15 harbor seals and 3 resting humpback whales. After a few looks at multiple minke whales popping up around us we got a brief look at a familiar fin whale.
Minke whale
Fin whale #9709
The marine life continued with seals EVERYWHERE before we wrapped up the morning with Spoon, Jabiru and Geometry, all humpback whales, napping in the calm seas.
Geometry near Boon Island
Jabiru and Spoon
This afternoon we started the trip with an ocean sunfish, saw 3 minke whales, multiple harbor seals, a grey seal, a sneaky fin whale and the same 3 humpback whales again.
Ocean sunfish below the surface
Grey seal face
Fin whale
The spectacular ocean conditions provided the perfect backdrop to enjoy wildlife all day today.
Afternoon humpback whale tail
Spoon's large flipper!

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