Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy June!

With barely no wind to speak of (though for some, a swell that was a bit challenging at times) it was otherwise a sunny gorgeous day out on Jeffreys Ledge today. The whales were just as fabulous as we got the opportunity to end up in an area where there were 4 Fin whales scooting around. We ended up getting some incredible looks at specifically two of the four whales around. These massive creatures would slip below the surface of the ocean only to resurface close enough, and take plenty of breaths, resulting in us having the chance to coast right alongside these ginormous whales! Most of our quality time was spent with Fin whale #9709, an adult female.
Fin whale #9709 in the super calm water on Jeffreys Ledge
She would move from one spot to another and then just as quickly slow down for a while. With the flat calm ocean surface you could watch as she would glide up from the depths of the ocean to get a breath of air.
What a "fin"tastic look at #9709 and her white lower jaw as she swims through the water
While we were spending some time watching #9709 suddenly another whale appeared right next to this adult female. There had been some other whales in the area also circling around and we are pretty sure this other whale had cruised into the area via further offshore. Soon we were getting some equally amazing looks at this other Fin whale as well.
A wonderful surprise having this other Fin whale appear right next to us at one point!
What a great way to spend the first day of June. Many thanks to all who joined us today especially our Brownie Girl Scout Troop and Willy, who chose to celebrate his birthday with some of the second largest creatures on earth!

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