Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday, June 23

Whales are most certainly utilizing Jeffreys Ledge. This morning our first stop on marine life was our first sighting of an Ocean sunfish for the season. This particular fish was a bit on the smaller side but always a fun sighting to see.
Ocean sunfish swimming just below the ocean surface
Further offshore we came into an area where we saw 5 Humpback whales around and ended up getting some great looks at 3 of them including Glyph, Cat Eyes and Tracer.
Glyph the Humpback whale
Humpback whale spout
We maneuvered around as these whales seemed to be on the move traveling through the area. Birds, whales and some beautiful weather certainly made for another very nice trip.
Cory's Shearwater
One of the gaggles of Great Shearwaters seen
Humpback whale tail
This afternoon we were headed back offshore when we altered course before we even got to the Ledge. A Fin whale was close by.
Incoming Fin whale
Based on the photos we took of this whale we know it is an animal we have seen already this season, though it has been almost a week since its last sighting. Great to see a familiar whale well inshore! As we pressed further offshore more spouts were seen out in the distance. We ended up in an area where we had at least 8-10 Fin whales all around.
One of the many Fin whales cruising around the area
It took a bit of time to determine where they all were before we began to maneuver through the area. We got some great looks at a few of these animals circling around including a pair on the move. Once again we were excited to see a familiar individual. Fin whale #0808 was moving through the water with another massive Fin whale.
Fin whale #0808
The other Fin whale swimming around with #0808
#0808 was first documented out on Jeffreys Ledge in 2008 and has been seen a few times so far this season. Another animal still spending time in our area! After checking out some of the other Fin whales we were seeing we continued offshore to search for any other activity that might be nearby. No luck but it was once again another beautiful day out on the water today.

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