Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday, June 27

What a difference a day makes! The sloppy seas of yesterday were quick to settle down today.   Our morning trip was graced by several minke whales, some more cooperative than others.  And thanks to a report from a fishing boat offshore, we spent time with Comet, one of our favorite fin whales!
Comet's spout

During the afternoon trip, we did a bit of searching in different locations and ended up with fin whale #0902  (seen yesterday) as well as Comet again! But Comet wasn't anywhere near where she was in the morning. She had traveled 14 miles in less than 5 hours! Speedy whale! 

Pretty chevron on #0902

#0902 showing off its scars

Comet's "rainbow" blow!
Comet showcasing her signature move- the tail stock rise!
 Between our awesome fin whale sightings, we spotted a few minke whales as well as this added bonus- a basking shark!
Basking shark fin
Excellent trips today! Thanks to all who joined us for the adventure!

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