Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday May 31

While the unofficial start of summer began last weekend the temperature out on the water today reminded us we still have a few weeks to go before the summer, and the hopefully warmer temperatures, really begins. Luckily for us the air temperature isn't much of a factor for whales. Today we got the chance to see 2 Fin whales and a Minke whale during our whale watch.
This Fin whale was on the move right into the wind and waves today!
While one of our Fin whales was spending its time cruising through the water with quite the speed our other Fin whale was spending its time in a much more localized area.
Just a portion of the large body known as a Fin whale!
To our enjoyment we quickly realized exactly which whale we were watching move around. Comet the Fin whale has returned to Jeffreys Ledge for another year! This whale spent a lot of time in the area last year (seen in the Spring, Summer and Fall!) so it was great knowing she has returned once again.
The left and right view of Comet (above and below). Note all the scaring especially behind the dorsal fin in the image below, which is how Comet got her name.

We will be out again tomorrow so feel free to come join us just make sure you bring a few extra layers for it is not quite summer yet!

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