Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday June 9

Our daily trips have begun and so we were off towards Jeffreys Ledge this afternoon. We got the chance to see 5 Fin whales during our travels today. We first came into an area where 3 Fin whales were moving around.
First Fin whale we spent time with today
We got some very nice looks at two of these whales as they continued to circle around and often times would slightly relocate themselves whenever they surfaced.
Fin whale's chevron seen as this whale swam past the boat
Such a long sleek body of a Fin whale
With some nice looks we continued on and ended up finding a bit of a "shy" Fin whale that was not spending much time at the surface at all. Soon it was time to head home but we had one more sighting waiting for us as we traveled back towards Rye Harbor. Miles inside of Jeffreys Ledge another Fin whale was spotted. This whale took a good handful of breaths at the surface allowing for us to make our way towards this whale, snap a couple of photos to document the sighting, and then continue on back towards home. What a nice way to end our day.
Final Fin whale of the day

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