Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tuesday June 10

Our trip today included looks at the second largest shark and mammal in the world! We started our day with a great look at a Basking shark. Seeing sharks are always fun but when you have a boat full of school kids it is even that much more exciting! Nothing like getting kids excited about being on the ocean with a sighting of such a large fish!
Our Basking shark getting closer and closer to the boat! (above and below)

We then continued further offshore and got some looks at another massive creature, a Fin whale! We spent some time with this whale before checking out another one not too far away from us.
Fin whale

We have seen this same Fin whale over the course of the last few days. So great this whale is still spending time in the area!
A little fog didn't deter us from our offshore excursion and before heading home we got some great looks at a pair of Fin whales. To our enjoyment it turned out one of the whales in this pair was actually the first animal we stopped to get a look at today!
Two massive Fin whales moving through the water together (above and below)
Within such a short period of time this whale had decided to join up and maneuver through the water with another Fin whale that we have no idea where it came from! Whales can change up their behavior at any point in time and today was no exception. What a great way to end our time out on Jeffreys Ledge!
The second Fin whale of the pair we ended our day with

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