Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday the 10 and Saturday the 11

With whales consistently being sighted in the same general area over the last few days our recent trips have continued to point in the direction of where whales have been around.  Even with the fog, wind, and sprinkles in the past 48hrs whales continue to be present!

Yesterday our trip involved lots of fog which eventually cleared and with more visibility whale spouts started to appear.  We ended up spotting 5 Minke whales and 2 Humpback whales.  The Minkes were certainly doing what they do best darting here, there, and everywhere as they circled around the area.  We also got the chance to spend time with Humpback whales Crystal and Hornbill.  While these two whales were in the same vicinity they were doing their own thing, circling around their own parts of the ocean just not drastically far from each other.  These two animals gave our passengers a small insight into how drastically unique each Humpback whale's tail truly can be.  Crystal's tail is mostly black while Hornbill's tail is mainly white!

With the seas calming after some good "churning" of the ocean (aka. far from ideal conditions to go search and spend time with whales) we found ourselves once again heading in the direction of where whales have been spotted.  After a quick look at a Minke whale heading in the complete opposite direction of where we wanted to go we pressed on towards Jeffreys Ledge.  While Hornbill was no where to be seen today, guess who was still around?  Crystal!  This whale has been seen almost every single day aboard the Granite State since August 4th.  Who knows how long this whale will continue to utilize Jeffreys Ledge and it's plentiful food but it sure has been great catching a glimpse into the life of this adult whale over the past 7 days.
Crystal's back and dorsal fin

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