Saturday, July 8, 2023

July 7, 2023

We had success on both trips today! In the morning, we had a few glimpses of a minke whale and then ended up watching three individual adult male humpbacks-Satula, Mogul, and Patches. All three were diving and staying down for 7 minutes or so. We could see the bait on the fish finder and knew they were busy feeding. Patches was the star of the morning and did several full breaches interspersed with single and double flipper slaps. Soon after, Mogul moved into the area.  Patches and Mogul are new visitors to our area this season! Patches is also the “poster child” of Granite State Whale Watch. He is featured on the cover of our brochure!

If you saw the iPhone video of the breach, it was taken by our passenger, Clara! Thanks for sharing!


In the afternoon, we got a quick glimpse at a few harbor porpoises and a harbor seal. We then saw several different humpback whales. Mogul and Satula were again busy feeding. Mogul treated us by breaching close to the boat. After several looks at each of those whales, we ended with Valley and her new calf. While Valley fed below the surface, we watched the calf fool around and play at the surface. Owl ended up passing through as we were with Valley and her calf.


Great day!



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